The artificial turf installed in this playground is IPEMA Certified to reduce the risk of injury.

Playground Synthetic TurfIn Charleston, SC (North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, & Nearby Areas)

Designed with the same standards used for professional athletic fields, our artificial turf is durable and helps prevent injuries from falls and tumbles.

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We install IPEMA certified artificial turf for playground surfaces in Charleston, North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and surrounding areas.

Our quality product is installed at playgrounds by technicians certified by ProGreen Synthetic Turf.

The artificial turf installed in this Charleston, SC playground features our ProFlow drainage system.

Our fake turf creates a safe and seamless look when installed alongside play equipment, in between concrete areas, and beneath playsets. Our synthetic grass product protects against head injuries during falls and is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).

ProGreen Synthetic Turf certified technicians install our quality artificial turf for residential and commercial playground areas in and around Charleston, North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and other nearby communities in South Carolina.

Playground Turf Products

The top artificial grass for safety.

Optimum Play DF is a synthetic playground turf product of ours certified by the IPEMA for safety.
Optimum Play DF
Playground Extreme is our premium level IPEMA Certified playground turf for Charleston.
Playground Extreme

Certified to Protect From Falls & Head Injuries With Long-Lasting, Made-in-the-USA Materials

Our product is 100% made in the USA. There are two main steps in the manufacturing process: yarn excursion, which involves creating the fibers, and “tufting,” which is the process of attaching the artificial grass to the backing material. Our dual-fiber turf, made with a special polymer is assembled in Georgia with fibers from Alabama to give buyers the satisfaction of supporting American workers.

We provide either 1-inch or 2-inch padding for playground applications to provide a safer play environment. The thickness of the additional padding depends upon the height of the play equipment. We’ve earned certification from IPEMA, the organization that determines the safety relating to the risk of head injuries. Our synthetic grass not only looks immaculate but meets or exceeds ASTM fall height requirements.

Our fake turf is certified by the IPEMA for safety and helps to protect children from fall-related injuries.

Always Green, Durable Synthetic Playground Grass with Sports-Grade Technology

ProGreen surfaces are designed with technology adapted from the professional sports industry. Our artificial turf is ideal for playgrounds with heavy traffic and rough play. We install realistic looking synthetic grass designed to endure athletic shoes and cleats but remain gentle on ankles and knees.

Our unique Supersoft ™ fiber technology provides a soft surface for tumbles and falls while maintaining its structural integrity. Ants, pests, and sand spurs will never be an issue for your precious playground guests when your play areas are supported by any of our fake grass products.

Certified by the manufacturer, our installers provide synthetic turf for playgrounds in such locations as:

  • Churches
  • HOAs
  • Schools
  • Parks

Low Maintenance Synthetic Turf Provides 2 to 4 Times the Typical Drainage Capacity

Live grass requires fertilizer, regular lawn care, and irrigation to remain consistent and green. The needs of natural grasses are figured into the budget of any organization, municipality, or school district to maintain their playground areas, which can amount to thousands of dollars annually! Our system practically eliminates those expenses by remaining green in direct sun or shade year round.

We’ve developed a unique system to provide drainage that is far superior to that of other turf products. Using a permeable backing, our synthetic turf is tested to shed up to 400 inches of water per hour, which dwarfs the typical 60 inches per hour of other products by 2 to 4 times.

Rapid drainage is made possible by our revolutionary ProFlow technology, which uses tiny pores to allow for water flow beneath the fake grass. Other standard artificial turf products are installed using holes punched in set distances along the surface. Standard perforated synthetic turf can fail, leading to costly repairs due to puddling, weed growth, and inlay damage.

ProGreen artificial turf can handle heavy rain and is backed by an 8-year warranty for commercial applications.

Get a consultation on artificial turf installed by certified professionals for your playground.

We provide artificial turfs with the most natural look and feel available for playgrounds. Our installations are backed by an 8-year warranty, and installed by certified professionals who undergo rigorous training programs. Call (843) 790-6972 today to get a consultation if you are located in or around Charleston, North Charleston, or Mt. Pleasant, SC!

Artificial Turf Products

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