ProGreen Synthetic Turf artificial grass has been installed in a cat house in Charleston.

Pet & Dog Synthetic TurfIn Charleston, SC (North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, & Nearby Areas)

Our artificial turf features dual-fiber technology that is soft to the touch, yet durable, making it ideal for pet-friendly environments.

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Our synthetic turf meets the demands of dog and pet owners around Charleston, North Charleston, and other areas such as Mt. Pleasant.

Excellent drainage capabilities and low maintenance are examples of solutions that our synthetic turf offers pet owners and the pet industry.

Before and after photo of an artificial turf installation for a pet facility in Charleston, SC.

During the 30 years that ProGreen Synthetic Turf has been in business, we have been adapting and learning about what works when it comes to the technology involved in creating an unparalleled synthetic grass product. With regards to the pet industry and homeowners who want the best for their dogs and other pets, we needed to meet several demands. We needed a system that:

  • Had excellent drainage capabilities
  • Was durable but soft
  • Eliminated much of the maintenance needed for natural grass

The pet industry is one of the largest markets for artificial turf. This is because fake grass offers both the residential and commercial sectors a number of benefits that other options cannot compete with. When it comes to choosing ground surface materials for your pets and dogs, there are not many options. Aside from synthetic turf, natural grass and pea gravel (or stone) are the only options, and they fall short in many categories.

With our advanced technology, dog owners and other pet owners get peace of mind with a product that exceeds their needs.

Our K9 Champion DF and K9 Deluxe 60 pet-friendly artificial turfs give you a yard that drains quickly and is engineered to last for 8-15 years.

Our Pet Turf Products

Two Options for Dog-Friendly Fake Grass

K9 Deluxe 60 - Artificial Turf For Dogs
K9 Deluxe 60
An example of K9 Champion DF fake grass used to create pet-friendly environments.
K9 Champion DF

Why Our ProFlow Technology Is Advantageous

Drainage is a number one concern when it comes to pet turf, so we have made it a number one priority in our design. After years of working in the industry, we have designed our ProFlow technology that is featured in all of our canine products. In comparison to our competitors' products and standard fake turfs, it increases the drainage capacity by over 100%.

ProFlow utilizes a flow-through backing system that automatically drains pet urine and other liquids, which provides our artificial grass product with a distinct advantage over others. Traditional synthetic grass brands offer perforated holes where liquids have to pass through to drain. This system is problematic because sometimes, in the case of pet urine, it does not completely drain, which can leave an odor on your fake grass.

With ProFlow patent-pending technology, urine will never be left on your artificial lawn, and odors will be non-existent.

Keep Your Pet's Environment Clean & Safe from Harmful Substances with our Artificial Grass

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, our artificial grass keeps your pet's paws clean! Since our turf is backed by ProFlow technology, you do not have to worry about puddles, mud, or any other pooling. Let your pups roam free and clean indoors or outdoors without a second thought to messes.

Synthetic turf also eliminates the need to mow, fertilize, irrigate, or apply pesticides to your lawn. Your maintenance-free, clean environment remains beautiful and your pets remain safe from harmful substances.

Our Dual-fiber Technology Is Durable Against Wear & Tear, Yet Soft Under Paws

Your pets need a ground that is soft on their feet but strong enough to handle active animals. We combine the softness of traditional monofilament and the slit tape yarn of durable athletic fields to create an artificial turf that is perfect for your dogs and other pets. The combination of the fibers creates a turf that can easily withstand wear and tear from claws and paws!

Pet-Friendly Facilities & Environments That Benefit From Installing Our Synthetic Turf

Pet play area under construction with fast draining Turf-K9-Champion fake grass installed.

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, our customers who install pet-friendly turf products have benefited from innovative technology and our years of experience in designing the perfect artificial grass material. If you want a space that is pet-friendly, safe, and long-lasting, trust in the ProGreen technology of either one of our K9 turf options for your facility.

You will find our synthetic turf in numerous pet-friendly environments around Charleston, North Charleston, and Mt. Pleasant, SC, including:

  • Residential properties
  • Dog parks
  • Vet clinics
  • Military training facilities
  • Animal Shelters/Human Societies
  • Boarding Facilities
  • Doggy daycares
  • Pet agility courses
  • Dog runs
  • Cat condos
  • Pet-friendly restaurants/bars

Get a quote on artificial turf installation for your dogs and pets.

Are you looking to make the transition by installing artificial turf? Make an environmentally positive impact and create an area that dogs and other pets will love for years to come. Backed by our 8-year warranty, ProGreen turf systems are the way to go for a quality, long-lasting fake grass product.

Call us to get a quote or a reference to a local dealer today by calling us at (843) 790-6972! Your pets will thank you!

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