As a homeowner, you have enough to worry about, so why add lawn maintenance to the list? Instead, you can enjoy the look of green perfection without requiring an army of lawn care professionals on your property.

Our soft, durable, pet-friendly products are always green and require virtually zero maintenance. If you’re wondering why you should install fake turf at your home located in or around Charleston, North Charleston, or Mt. Pleasant, SC, the answer is convenience and perfection.

Fake grass is always green with no need for watering or mowing.

This synthetic turf in North Charleston will stay green in any condition.

With artificial turf, the grass is always green. In recent years, the weather has become unpredictable, bringing both extreme heat and heavy rains to our part of South Carolina. Maintaining a healthy natural grass lawn takes hard work and plenty of water.

With ProGreen fake grass, your lawn won’t suffer damage from the hot sun. Our organic inlay absorbs heat to stay cool under your feet, and our threading is produced with an anti-sheen property so it won’t give off an unnatural shine.

You won’t need a skyrocketing water bill with a synthetic lawn. There will be no need for watering at all! Costly irrigation systems often require maintenance and repairs to prevent damage to lawns. With fake grass, the green never goes away—even during droughts!

Low-maintenance fake turf is soft yet durable.

We proudly manufacture and assemble all of our products in the USA. Our threading and turf materials are made with a cutting edge assembly process called QuadriBIND™, which prevents separation even with high foot-traffic or sports play. Our residential products offer an unmatched level of durability, which is backed by an 8-year warranty.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our turf is soft to the touch. With dense monofilament construction, our product looks and feels like the real thing.

You won’t need watering, fertilizer, lawn care, or weed control, and every day your lawn will offer the look of perfection.

High-quality synthetic grass is pet-friendly with easy waste cleanup.

Our synthetic turf was recently installed at a home in Mt. Pleasant and their dogs love it.

All three of our residential product lines come with built-in drainage technology that outperforms other products on the market.

Our Natural Real Premium and Natural Real Supreme lines offer our patent pending ProFlow technology, which is designed with a porous backing material that can drain nearly 400 gallons per hour!

Superior drainage means easier pet cleanup. You can simply spray off any areas containing pet waste, and the water will seep through without causing puddles. Other debris can be blown or rinsed clear to keep your turf neat and tidy.

In addition, our organic inlay absorbs heat to keep the turf cool and prevent precious paws from burning.

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